Services We Offer

While psilocybin experiences are unique to each person, Mandala provides services that are tailored to your personal goals. Every journey includes a two hour preparation session beforehand and a one hour integration session afterwards and your time with us can be adjusted to best suit your needs.

Whether you need a private space to engage deep inner work or a safe place to deepen your connection to the ones you love, our skilled and licensed facilitators are here to support you.

Individual Journey

$1700 ~ $2500 *

Work one-on-one with one of our accomplished facilitators to safely explore the depths of your own consciousness in one of our beautifully crafted rooms. Make it your own by choosing a room and a facilitator that resonates with you or allow us to curate your experience for you. The choice is yours.

Couples Journey

$1400 ~ $1800 *

Relationships are a creative collaboration that requires focused attention to thrive. With a couples journey, you have the opportunity to develop a deeper and more meaningful connection with your partner with full support from one of our skilled facilitators.

Small Group Journey

$1100 ~ $1500 *

Mandala invites you to gather your closest friends or family (maximum of 4) to experience the benefits of psilocybin together in one of our spacious rooms.
A recent study shows that having a journey with those close to you can lead to an increased sense of wellbeing, social connectedness, and improve your mental health.

* Prices are per participant. Psilocybin dose is determined at time of service and purchased separately with cash.

Upcoming Events

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Join us this September in the heart of Eugene for an all-inclusive, three-day women's psilocybin retreat. This is your chance to disconnect from daily stress, reconnect with your inner self and meet some amazing women! With mindfulness practices to calm the body and group discussions to invigorate the mind, you'll leave this retreat feeling refreshed and empowered.

Your Journey with Mandala

Our thoughtfully designed process adheres to the standards set by the Oregon Health Authority and is flexible to your needs, ensuring you make the most of your time with us.

1. Confirm your Eligibility

An important part of the intake process is ensuring you're a good fit for psilocybin. Visit our Begin your Journey page for a list of the most common conditions we screen for. If none of those conditions apply, you are free to submit the eligibility form on that same page.

Once we receive your form an intake specialist will reach out via email or phone to get to know more about you and your goals. There will be no obligation to sign up and you are free to ask any questions you might have about the experience or working with one of our facilitators.

30 minutes (virtual)

2. Prepare with your Facilitator

If you feel a psilocybin journey is right for you after your free consultation, we will schedule a meeting for you to prepare with your chosen facilitator. Your facilitator will work closely with you from this point forward. During preparation they will help you to set a unique and personal intention. Any remaining questions you have will be answered by them to ensure you are moving forward with clarity and confidence.

2 ~ 4 hours (in-person or virtual)

3. Journey with Psilocybin

You'll be greeted by your facilitator and our service worker who will show you to your room. The service worker will help you to prepare the psilocybin and then depart so that your facilitator can help you settle into the space. We will prepare the room with music you've selected and help you to feel comfortable and safe. Your journey will last between 4-8 hours depending on the dose you have taken. You will be required to follow the transportation plan you've made with your facilitator upon leaving the center as you are not allowed to drive for the rest of the day after taking psilocybin.

4 ~ 8 hours (in-person)

4. Integrate your Experience

Before leaving the day of your journey you'll begin to discuss your integration plan with your facilitator. You will also set the details for your one hour integration meeting sometime in the next few days. The journey does not end when you leave the center. In the 4-6 weeks following your Journey you'll experience increased neural plasticity, allowing you to deepen the progress you've made, harness new insights and develop new ways of thinking and behaving. Integrating your experience is an important aspect of the process, rich with opportunity. Your facilitator will share resources with you and brainstorm unique internal and external tools to support your process.

1 ~ 4 hours (in-person or virtual)